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We're offering a super limited number of clients the opportunity to get their hands on a Custom Made Client Welcome Kit (Valued at $10,000 USD) at a MASSIVE 80% discount...


So you can focus on getting your course launched faster!


Get your client docs, onboarding goodies, designer theme and printing set up by my very own development team... and save yourself a heck of a lot of design, time and money!


A Custom Made Welcome Kit (25 Sets Valued at $10,000 USD) using the same stunning welcome kit template and items we've used at ME School to generate over 6-figures in online course sales...

​Collaborate with my design development team to have your client onboarding documents, client gifts and goodies, designer theme, and welcome pack set up and printed for you... so you can save yourself a bunch of design back and forth

Save thousands in expensive graphic designer and print costs...

​WOW your students with your professional, beautifully packaged welcome kit, so they can get the most out of your courses and memberships... You'll make future content releases irresistible with such professional package filled with your God-given gifts.

​Easily add or change your kit contents to reflect your own business' branding, so you can create a look and feel unique to you and your clients. 

​I've NEVER released my Custom Made Welcome Kit in this way before... be part of an exclusive group of just 25 female entrepreneurs who get their hands on this stunning welcome kit package at an INCREDIBLE discount. 


Design + Print of 25 Custom Made Client Welcome Kits

1 x $1,997



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Custom Made Welcome Kit Package (25 Sets)

1 X $1,997




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No Refund Policy After 7-Days: This course is 100% digital so there are no refunds after the initial trial period. We believe immediate action, commitment and follow-though creates energy and momentum. We've found that clients who don't have the option to back out of their commitments get much better results. Our digital delivery enables us to help you move forward and get started on your goals once the program kicks off without waiting on snail mail. So - if you're committed to working with Tracy Malone, register. If you're not committed to changing your life and growing your business, we encourage you to still enroll, but please note that there are absolutely, positively no refunds after 7-days.  Payments made are non-transferable to another program.

Custom Made Welcome Kit Package

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